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The district of Krabi has lotsl of wonderful things to see & do for you or the people travelling with you. We can help you to get information on what to do there of course but please note that we are not a travel agent's and ask you to be autonomous on that part of your stay with us. Be aware that too many “touristic activities” may severely hinder the aim of your stay which should be looking first and foremost for inner peace.

Ananta center is 6 km away from the small town of Ao Nang in the Krabi district. It is situated next to a National park, the nearest beach is 3 km away, our closest neighbours are Thai elephants from a elephant  trekking camp and you may also meet inofensive monkeys while taking the small path to the beach… We are working there with Thai local people for food, gardening and so on, so please keep in mind to respect them at all times.

Details of your stay in Ananta

 Prices :

Accomodation : Included in the price. Your room will be in Ananta center. All rooms are for 2 people (we can of course stick the beds together for a couple) so be aware that you may share your room with somebody else (of the same sex).

 Meals : Breakfast, lunch & diner are included in the price. All meals are based on fresh local thai cuisine (without the regular chillies, don’t be afraid, although you’ll be able to add it to your food if you want to!!), it is mainly vegeterian but may also sometimes include prawns, fish and chicken Your host, Phot, is a professional chef who has had a restaurant for years in Ao Nang. Please note that not taking your meals in Ananta center will not entitle you to any reduction .

 Meditation courses, yoga, energetic exercices : Included in the price.

 Massages : From 1 to 3 massages are included during the stay according to the program & possibilities of the moment. Prices will still be the same if you receive 1 or 3 massages. We’ll do our best on that...

californian massage in ananta krabi center of healthy thai massage course in ananta krabi center

 Maximum number of participants : 10 people maximum. Reservations are open now.

 Visa & vaccine for Thailand : No vaccinations are needed for Thailand. You don’t need any visa if you stay in Thailand up to 30 days. You will need a visa between 31 and 58 days. If you want to stay longer, you’ll have to leave the country & come back paying for another visa.

 Language : Although most young Thais speak some English (and we do as well), please don’t expect them (nor us!) to fully understand you at all times... Thanks for your patience!

 Internet acces by wifi

 Transport : Ananta center is situated in a quiet place 6km away from Ao Nang (40 km away from the nearest big town, Krabi) & the nearest beach is 3km away. You can of course rent motocycle sand bike in Ao Nangs & there are many taxis & tuk-tuks.

Contact : Please prefer the email :

  • Mehdy (in France) : french phone nb : /
  • In Thailand you can contact : Mr Phot Jedeepaeng : thai number (66) (email : jeedeeprang@hotmail.coml)


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