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Your holistic care stay in Thailand

Having a rest, meditation and massages are at the heart of your stay. But be careful : this is not a holiday in some exotic spa, this is a true retreat with holistic care. This is not a stay in a monastry to learn Bouddhism, even if Bouddhism will be explained during the stay. We ask you for a real commitment to an inner will to explore meditation & other paths to natural well-being.

Meditation retreat and holistic care stay in the centre Ananta of Krabi (Thaïland)

"Ananta" comes from the sancrit and means : without limits, infinite, eternal. It is also the symbol for fertility, eternity and universal knowledge.

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The meditation retreat

We choose to teach you meditation in a soft manner, even if a regular practice is necessary to feel all the benefits from it. Indeed we believe that meditation which is too harsh for westerners will simply lead you to give up this fabulous way to reach inner-peace & real well-being. We believe it is not necessary to suffer while learning meditation and we are very vigilant about human tendencies for self-punishment!

On the contrary we think that each one should learn meditation at his/her own rhythm and in the most appropriate way for him/her. This is why we think that personal freedom and choice are important keys for awakening. Thus you will decide on what you wish to participate in or not during all your stay at Ananta center. We are only here to help you and guide you if you wish to. A day in the Ananta center    What is the Ananta Meditation ?    Details of your stay in Ananta    Our choices and Ethics

Contact : : Mehdyl : french phone nb : (33)

In Thailand you can contact Mr Phot (66) (email : jeedeeprang@hotmail.coml)

A day in the Ananta center    What is the Ananta Meditation ?    Details of your stay in Ananta    Our choices and Ethics