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Letting go:

Letting go is for sure the most natural way to stay in good physical & mental health. Ananta, your mind & body therapy center welcomes you to this world of peace and consciousness. Accepting that the things are as they are, living in the present & not in the past nor in the future, stopping feeling guilty and taking control of your own life : these are the goals of letting go. Easier said than done, you'll say, of course!! That is why we are trying to give you the opportunity to experience it in the best possible conditions. The Ananta center in the district of Krabi (South West of Thailand) close to the town of Ao Nang gives you all the best for a meditation retreat and a relaxation stay for body & mind.

Our choices & ethics :

Small groups (8 maximum) are perfect for sharing time with the other participants, the organizers and local thai people.   


Conscious & free choice of your own program : All the activities proposed in Ananta center (meditations, spiritual teachings, physical & energetical excercices like yoga, time for deep relaxation like massages, individual meetings and holistic cares.) are your own free choice, none are comlpulsory .

 Meditation (Zen) is the heart of the stay. Learning it, exercices, pratice and sharing meditation experiences is the main program.

 Our guiding is based on what you wish to receive : It is non-dogmatic (as Zen is), non-intellectual nor mental. We  teach heart & consciousness awakening in the Zen tradition in which opens up to unconditional love (Agapè) & compassion is the most important thing. This is why Ananta center is open to anyone whatever his/her opinions, religion, ideas and knowledge.

 Your stay will respect and help the local Thai people : Thailand is still a developping country The family welcoming you there comes from a very modest background and has struggled to work and survive since the time they came from the north of Thailand. It will be a unique experience for you to live human solidarity for real. When you become more aware of Thai local customs, you'll find for sure in your heart what you feel is good or to do or not. Decency, humility, respect and being aware of others.... that is the ethics you'll be asked to respect. Our center, our prices and choices respect these ethics too as far as it is possible.

Contact : Please prefer the email :

  • Mehdy (in France) : french phone nb : (33) /
  • In Thailand you can contact : Mr Phot Jedeepaeng : thai number (66) (email : jeedeeprang@hotmail.coml)

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