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A regular day at Ananta Center :

8.30 - 9.00 am : Breakfast

9.00 - 12.30 am : Exercices & Yoga. Body awakening sessions with Ananta's energetic technics or Yoga exercices lead by Eve Bosio (Yoga teacher). This moment and the following meditation may sometimes take place on a desert beach or an nearby island...


Meditation. This meditation moment will welcome the sunrise and will also be the opportunity to greet and feel linked to Mother Earth, to the beauty of nature in Thailand. This meditation will help you to start the day more centred and will turn your attention to your roots in Nature.

Meditation. Time for consciousness awakening and silence.

12.30 am - 2pm : Lunch & free time




2pm - 6 pm : Relaxation. This is the time reserved for massages & other individual cares but also resting or free meditation in the garden, near the stream, in the jungle or on one of the beaches nearby. It will be also possible in the afternoon to have an individual sessions if you wish to. But you may also prefer to put your hands in the ground, gardening and helping the local Thai gardener who doesn't speak English and even less French! We practice a wide range of massages for you : Siam herbal massages, traditional Thai massage, essential oils massages, reflexology, Corean relaxation, massages in water...

6.00 - 8.00 pm : Free time. This can be also the time for individual or collective sharing of your feelings. A meditation in front of the sunset on Klong Muang beach is also possible and will leave you with an unforgetable memories...

8.00 - 10.00 pm : Diner & sharing time under the stars. In the evening  feel free to propose to the others activities having something to do with the retreat like music, movies, singing...

Contact : Please prefer the email :

  • Mehdy (in France) : phone:
  • In Thailand you can contact : Mr Phot Jedeepaeng thai number (66) (email : jeedeeprang@hotmail.coml)

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