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Ananta meditation

We choose to teach you meditation in a soft manner, even if regular practice is necessary to feel all the benefits from it. Indeed we believe if meditation is too harsh for westerners it will simply lead you to give up on this fabulous way to reach inner-peace & real well-being. We believe it is not necessary to suffer while learning meditation ad we are very vigilant on human tendencies for self-punishment!

 On the contrary we think that each one of us should learn meditation at his/her own rhythm and in the most appropriate way for him/her. This is why we think that personal freedom and choice are an important key for awakening. Thus you will decide on whether you wish to participate or not during all your stay at Ananta center. We are only here to help you and guide you if you wish.

meditation center of krabi buddhist meditation school of krabi thailand

 The 7 pillars of Ananta's meditation

 1) I don't want anything. I (Ego in latin),my ego has to die if I want to be freed. All the things I'm waiting for refuel my Ego, this is a center point in the Zen tradition.

2) I listen. Listening carefully to yourself and to your body and you'll learn the difference between subtle mental control and real letting go.

3) I am free. I free myself from all conditioning, attachment, desire, passion and from anything imposed by others.

4) I am a Bouddha. Being a Bouddha means being enlighted, it means that a part of me is already enlighted while other parts are still experimenting material life, emotions and above all unconditional love in this earthly dimension.

5) I am connected. This mantra refers to our interconnexion with all living things, with everything. The mind, the Ego & beliefs separate us from the reality of Unity. It is about faith in life.

6) I love without conditions. All the conditions we putin place concerning our love for others, for things & for life are linked to our fears and all fears are linked to the fear of death. Our fear of death is linked to our incarnation and its confusion with the Ego. Getting rid of this illusion is crucial to getting rid of our fears and then being led to unconditional love.

7) I am. I am here to BE, not to have nor to do.


The 5 supports of Ananta's meditation technic :

 1) Always being at ease. You should always be at ease while practicing meditation. It is necessary that the place, the time and the position for meditation please you. Meditation should not be a self-imposed effort. It should become a moment of joy, a beneficial pause in your agitated daily life.

 2) Listening to your body. Listen to your body when it speaks to you. If your start feeling some discomfort, you simply change your position Lying down is sometimes more confortable than sitting even if you may fall asleep at first. Rigourous postures like the lotus, zazen, seta and so on have a meaning of course but you should only take them if it is the right time for you. Once again, forcing yourself is the best way to lead you to give up meditation, so let's avoid that way.

 3) Listening to your breathing. Breathing is at heart of all traditions of meditation and it is not a coincidence! The energetical path in human body are tightly linked to breathing. The first Bouddha realised this 2600 years ago. Every thought can throw us off our cellular balance. During meditation we try to lower cerebral waves from the very agitated bêta (20 htz) to the more calm alpha (8 htz). Breathing and even more the observation of your own breathing will then be very important to calm your mind and your hypothalamus.

 4) Neither willing nor waiting for anything. This is at the heart of Zen teachings. When you meditate, do not look or wait for anything. No result, no comfort, not even relaxation. Let yourself be surprised. Don't look to the past, don't expect anything from the future, don't try to examine the present but live the present as it is. Nothing else.

5) Letting go. This, for the beginner, is the most difficult thing to do because it is not a technique to learn, it is the experience of a certain state of mind. If you want to meditate you'll have to let go in your life and not the opposite, this is the great secret. Too many people think that meditation will lead you to let go but it works the other way around!

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